NYT Sobs Over Plight of Illegal Immigrants: "Any Sense of Sanctuary...Replaced With Fear"

Friday's New York Times predictably led with the dramatic stalling in the Senate of the immigration bill endorsed by President Bush (a story by Carl Hulse and Robert Pear that offers the pleasant surprise of the term "liberal Democrats" to characterize some opponents of the bill). As a counterweight, the Metro section fronted a sob-story by Jennifer Medina, "Arrests of 31 In U.S. Sweep Bring Fear In New Haven."

Some of those in federal custody are suspected of being illegal immigrants, and Medina described in sympathetic terms the liberal attitude toward illegal immigrants by New Haven, Conn. officials who "wanted to bring them out of the shadows."

"Within hours, any sense of sanctuary that the city and advocates for immigrants advocates [sic] had developed over the years was turned upside down, replaced with fear."

The picture caption read: "Immigrants and their advocates met yesterday outside a church in New Haven, a city that welcomes them."

Now why would "immigrants" need advocates unless they were of course "illegal immigrants"?

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Clay Waters
Clay Waters
Clay Waters was director of Times Watch, a former project of the Media Research Center.