Reuters: ‘Global Warming May Be Good For Greenland’

For the second time in four days – oddly occurring coincident with a G-8 summit being held in Germany to address climate change – a major news organization has published an article extolling the benefits of global warming.

In fact, Reuters not only followed the Associated Press’ lead as reported by NewsBusters Monday, but did them one better.

In a piece entitled “Global Warming May Be Good For Greenland,” writer Wojciech Moskwa made this stunning revelation early and often (emphasis added throughout, h/t NBer Sick-n-Tired):

Greenland believes global warming can help attract tourists and open up the vast Arctic island to resources' exploration.

Eskild Soerensen, chief climate change official at Greenland's environment and nature department, said receding ice has already led to the "discovery" of a new island off its east coast which has become a destination for cruise liners.

"Through warming we will gain better opportunities to get access to minerals and oil and gas deposits, and cod is coming back to our waters too," Soerensen told Reuters on Tuesday.

Checking that link to see whether I made this all up? Go ahead, I’ll wait:

Revenue from economic activities opened up by rising temperatures would also allow Greenland to cut its economic dependence on Denmark, which now funds more than half of its economy, Soerensen said.

Global warming could force Greenland's indigenous people to change their traditional culture and hunting methods, however.

"Our farmers and fisherman look at global warming positively, but there is also concern that our heritage may be at risk. Already hunters are reluctant to venture out on the ice," Soerensen said.

Fascinating stuff, wouldn’t you agree? Think Soerensen will be Katie, Charlie, or Brian’s guest any time soon?

Me neither.

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