The 'Far-Reaching Tentacles' of Business Are After Your Kids Says Couric

Katie Couric, was not warning parents about sexual predators when she said "They're after your children and grandchildren." No, the “Evening News” anchor was talking about corporations “spending nearly $17 billion a year trying to sell their products to our kids.”

The one-sided May 14 segment blamed “far-reaching tentacles” of business for obesity and youth sexual activity, among other problems.

One critic, Dr. Susan Linn from the Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood said:

“Advertising and marketing is a factor in childhood obesity, in eating disorders, precocious irresponsible sexuality, youth violence, underage drinking, underaged tobacco use.”

But Couric didn’t give a single business the opportunity for rebuttal in the nearly five-minute story. Instead she relied on four critics of business for the report: Linn from CCFC, an author of an anti-industry book, a Pace University marketing professor, and one of the most liberal senators in Congress.

The CBS report attacked businesses from across the spectrum -- food, toys, restaurants and cars -- American Express, Baby Einstein, Chuck E. Cheese, Band-Aids and Oral-B toothbrushes were all named in the story.

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