Gore Gets a Little Too Religious for Liberal Enviro

Al Gore, prophetAl Gore's prophecy tour of doom hit a snag the other day. Apparently, he caused a stir among some atheist environmentalists for stating that he believes in creation science. Amazingly, no one in the media has picked it up. The irony is especially delicious since many on the left are making fun of some of the GOP presidential candidates for having the same belief.

One liberal Canadian blogger who was at a Gore presentation reports Gore's act of blasphemy:

The slide I found particularly interesting/shocking/sad, was his new(?)
slide containing a graph of human population growth over the past
couple hundred-thousand years. It started off good. He pointed at the
beginning of the graph, showing the population of humans on Earth from
200,000 years ago, and referred to the “rise of humans." Cool beans. So he believes that Homo sapiens evolved from other hominid ancestors, right? Nope.

In the very same breath, he then continued to explain that according
to his religious beliefs, this “rise of humans” was God’s creation of
mankind - apparently 200,000 years ago. His graph then changed to
include the caption “Adam & Eve” above this starting point.

I started laughing, and I had to consciously blink my eyes and
double-check the screen to make sure I was seeing it properly. Let me
get this straight...the guy's entire presentation exists in order to
present people with the scientific data showing that human-caused
climate change is a fact. He does his very best to include references
in all of the slides, showing to any thinking person that this data is
not made up, that it comes from the forefront of our scientific
research (there was many slides containing data from Science journal,
and a few from Nature).

He tarnishes his beautifully crafted presentation by not only
stating his belief in creationism - but by placing the words “Adam and
Eve” right on the slide (which is actually a scientific graph) as a
caption explaining the beginnings of mankind.

Something doesn't add up here. On one hand, he is using science to
predict the disastrous outcome of our current actions and rally support
for taking proactive measures to make sure bad things don't happen, but
on the other hand, he is clinging to stone-age beliefs that another
very important area of science has proven wrong (that we humans evolved
from other forms of life, and that every organism on Earth has a common

And of course, all the religious people in the audience get to feel
good knowing that this important politician sees no dilemma in using
this this zero-sum belief system. I should also note that at this point
in the lecture (I'll call it the schism) he stated that there is no
conflict between science and religion. He appeared as though he wanted
to say more about this, and even mentioned the Scopes trial, but then
decided to continue on with the slideshow instead.

Whaaaaa???? You tell me that anthropogenic climate change is a
scientific fact (to the degree that science can use that word), mankind
came from God's creation of Adam and Eve 200,000 years ago, there is no
conflict between science and religion, refer to the Scopes trial, and
then shrug it off and move on with the show?

More commentary on Gore's heresy here.

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