Vanity Fair Attacks Rush Limbaugh, Sentences 'Environmental Sinners' to Hell

Welcome to hell global warming skeptics.

That was the message of a two-page "Dante's Inferno: Green Edition" in the May issue of Vanity Fair. That was just part of a full-issue assault in which the magazine unleashed its vitriol against businesses, conservatives and even radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh "has blinded millions of Americans to the climate crisis," proclaimed Vanity Fair. The magazine also accused him of "the environmental destruction that he did so much to enable in his multi-decade reign of denigration."

But El Rushbo was far from the only target in Vanity Fair's line of fire.

"It is an ongoing mystery to me why Republican administrations are such wretched protectors of our land, inasmuch as Republicans own so much of it," editor Graydon Carter said in the issue's introduction.

Vanity Fair even assigned industries and individuals to the circles of Dante's Hell.

"Then there’s the final circle – hell itself – containing “Satan, and in his three mouths: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), former chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, tireless denouncer of global warming as ‘a hoax’ perpetrated on Americans by alarmist liberal media; President George W. Bush; Vice President Dick Cheney, former Halliburton C.E.O., convener of top-secret energy task force, which met with oil and gas executives.”

Julia A. Seymour
Julia A. Seymour
Julia A. Seymour is the Assistant Managing Editor for the MRC's Business and Media Institute.