Gray Favored by Networks for Hurricane Forecasts, Cast Out of Global Warming Stories

He's "America's best-known forecaster" according to CBS's Mark Strassman and a "veteran forecaster" to ABC's Ned Potter.

Bill Gray the well-known and well-respected hurricane forecaster is revered by journalists when he's predicting hurricanes, but as soon as Gray starts talking about global warming, the media for the most part stop listening.

"At today's national hurricane conference in New Orleans, 700 weather watchers talked about one man ... Bill Gray, America's best-known forecaster. And his prediction for this hurricane season, watch out," said Strassman on CBS "Evening News" April 3.

According to Charles Gibson of ABC, Gray is "something of a renegade." Yes, when it comes to the media's collective opinion on global warming, he is.

"I am of the opinion that this is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people," said Gray in the March 28, 2006 Washington Post. Gray even told the Post that the world will likely begin cooling again in "three, five, maybe eight years."

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