George Stephanopoulos, GOP Mole? Uses 'Democrat' Instead of 'Democratic'

As NB senior editor Tim Graham and Clay Waters of Times Watch have documented here and here, nothing gets under the skin of Democrats like using "Democrat" rather than "Democratic" as an adjective in referring to them. Thus, for example, the use of "Democrat party" apparently sends the blood pressure of the Pelosi crew skyrocketing.

But on today's Good Morning America, discussing proposals to move up the date of presidential primaries in a number of states, This Week host George Stephanopoulos [file photo] said:

“Just about every campaign strategist I spoke with, on both the Democrat as well as Republican side, said . . . “

What? George Stephanopolous referred to the "Democrat side"? Could the former Clinton aide have fallen prey to a devious GOP mind-control plot? Might he be a deep Roveian mole?

Be on the lookout for an outraged letter to ABC from the DNC, demanding a retraction and apology ;-)

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