CBS Addresses Missing Comments on Couric's Gore Blog

Two days ago a NewsBusters reader alerted me to some missing comments on a February 26 blog post by Evening News anchor Katie Couric at

When I first saw this post on Couric's website last night (around 10:30 PM ET), I thought it was great that there were *12 pages* of comments appended to her post -- with every single one criticizing her and Al Gore for being limousine liberals and attacking the mistakes in her post. But when I looked at it again today (11:00 AM ET), all the comments have disappeared.

CBS's Greg Kandra addressed concerns about the missing comments in this February 28 post to "Couric & Co.":

Notice anything missing from Katie's post on Al Gore?

Early this morning, we had about 170 comments there. (Thanks, Drudge.) But around 8:30 we started experiencing some technical glitches all over The system went down for a few hours while our crack team of computer mechanics put the web page up on cement blocks and looked under the hood. In the process, a lot of comments all over the web site went pfffffft (that's a technical term.)

Our apologies for the disruption. Everything is now back to normal. Feel free to flame away.

So that explains that. But apparently it's too late to re-post your comment, at least too late to post it to Couric's original post. Here's a note at the bottom of Couric's February 26 post, which of course lists no reader comments due to the CBS servers going "pfffffft.":

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