Liberal Anger as Nevada Dems Team with FNC for Debate Broadcast

As I type this, there's a minor skirmish being fought within the Democratic Party over the plan of Nevada Democrats' plan to give Fox News Channel the rights to broadcast a presidential campaign debate scheduled for next August in Reno.

Predictably, the moonbats at are outraged and up to their usual online petitioning:

The battle between the Nevada Democratic Party and online liberal
activists continues to rage, with saying Friday it had
collected 135,000 signatures on a petition asking the party to
dissociate itself from the Fox News cable channel.

"Hopefully, they're getting the hint," Civic Action spokesman Adam Green said.

the party, which is partnering with Fox News to broadcast a Democratic
presidential debate Aug. 14 in Reno, wasn't backing down.

State party Chairman Tom Collins sent a lengthy e-mail to members Friday evening seeking to assuage their concerns.

"Believe me, I am all too aware of the challenges associated with Fox," Collins wrote. "And this is not an endorsement of Fox."

party "got, in writing, a number of concessions" from the channel to
ensure the debate broadcast was fair, Collins said. "You may not agree
with us, but trust that this is not a sell-out or a cave-in to the
lures of Fox. This is how we will win over new voters."

National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, once the darling of the lefty
blogosphere, wasn't taking its side on the issue either. He told the
San Francisco Chronicle, "While the Fox News Channel rarely has
coverage that is fair and balanced, we believe that Fox viewers, who
are potential voters, should have the opportunity to see a debate
between our candidates. These forums provide an important unfiltered
opportunity for potential voters to see Democrats without the bias of
the network."

Green said it was disappointing for Dean to engage
the network when, in 2005, he'd called it "a propaganda outlet of the
Republican Party."

Dean, despite his tendency to fly off the handle usually plays it smart. He's right to remain neutral after playing "bad cop" to the channel earlier. Sadly, no high-level GOPer is willing to play as tough with the liberal media.

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013