Reporter Woodruff: PBS And CNN Are 'God-Fearing, America Loving' Organizations

According to ex-CNN reporter Judy Woodruff, both her former network and PBS are "God-fearing, America loving" organizations. The veteran journalist, who is now promoting a documentary on young people for public television, appeared on the Thursday, January 11 edition of Stephen Colbert’s "Colbert Report." Before discussing Ms. Woodruff’s new investigative report, the Comedy Central host shifted into his faux-conservative mode and attacked CNN and PBS. This exchange followed at 11:50pm:

Stephen Colbert: "Now, you used to work for CNN. Now, you're doing this documentary, which sounds fascinating, for PBS. Is that– Is it– But, you've gone from, you know, an organization that clearly hates America to an organization that is proto, like, commie. Is it possible to go further left then PBS on television?"

Judy Woodruff: "Now, no. Absolutely not. You know that's not true."

Colbert: "I do not not know that’s true. I do not not know that’s true? Yes. Bill Moyers is, like, got his Mao’s little red book in his back pocket, right? You're wearing a pink outfit."

Woodruff: "PBS is a God-fearing, America-loving organization. Just like CNN."

Perhaps CNN demonstrated its "America-loving" tendencies when the network broadcast propaganda of terrorists murdering American soldiers?

Now, Stephen Colbert is not really a conservative. That's just a role he plays on television. And the MRC has documented Woodruff’s pro-Bill Clinton reporting while she worked for CNN So, the question remains: Who was being more disingenuous? The pretend right-winger Colbert or Woodruff with her assertions about CNN and PBS?

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