News Flash: MSM Approves Mixing Religion And Politics - If You're Barack Obama [Video]

I'm confused. Doesn't the MSM abhor the mixing of religion and politics? Isn't it quick to invoke the specter of theocracy and decry the crumbling of the [non-existent] "constitutional separation of church and state"? Well, yes, in general. But there is an exception to the MSM rule. Turns out it's OK to mix religion and politics, when it's Dems in general - and Barack Obama in particular - who are making the merger.

On this afternoon's Hardball, guest host David Shuster played a clip of Obama, in church, explictly calling for his Christian religious faith to "guide us to a new and better politics."

Asked Shuster of CNBC chief political correspondent John Harwood: "Your reaction - mixing religion and politics in that way?"

Harwood: "It's smart. Democrats need to do more of that."

View video of Obama's statement and Harwood's reaction here.

Fellow MSMer Dana Milbank of the Washington Post later chimed in, agreeing that it was a good move on Obama's part. Note that this wasn't Obama simply endorsing generic Judaeo-Christian principles. This was Barack explicitly calling for politics to be informed by "my Bible" in which "God sent his only Son to earth." Funny - I don't recall the liberal media elites being so enthused when it was Republicans invoking Christianity in a political context - do you?

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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.