English Paper Puts Self on Mt. Rushmore

I guess this is what strikes the English as amusing, but the Guardian Newspaper has decided it would be super neat to place their logo on Mt. Rushmore to advertise their coverage of the United States. This sort of disrespect for one of our most recognizable national monuments is a great idea to get Americans interested in the Guardian's American version, isn't it?

Yes, there's nothing like defacing a national monument in order to sell newspapers!

Just look at that enticing main page! Why, I can just feel the great respect the Brits have for us right away, don't you?

So, I thought for a fun weekend NewsBusters project we might return tit for tat by visiting some of the Brit's favorite landmarks and monuments to see what we might find.

First up on our travelogue we head to Trafalgar Square to take a gander at the great Nelson Column. There he stands looking brave at the top of his famous column. Just look at how he gazes over the whole of England, keeping it safe and watching over it like a father. We know that with Nelson looking over the British Isle no harm could ever come to it... right?

Ah, but if Nelson can't do the job, there's always the great lion at his feet that will scare away the blue meanies. Look how scary he is, with a roar that scares people from as far away as Moscow!

From Trafalgar Square, we take a little jaunt on over to the newly christened McDonald's Bridge (tm). Spanning the River Thames the McDonald's Bridge (tm) lends easy access from shore to shore. Would you like an apple pie with that? Just look at the majesty!

Ah, Britannia. We hardly knew ye.