The Onion Runs A Photo of Mitch McConnell Holding Merrick Garland's Severed Head

Does anyone remember how The Onion "humorously" satirized then-Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's refusal to consider the federal court nomination of Miguel Estrada in 2003? Oh come on, it was the one where there was an accompanying cartoon showing Daschle holding Estrada's "Severed Head Aloft in Front of the Capitol Building"? That was just a laugh riot, wasn't it?

Of course, no one remembers it, because it didn't happen — and the establishment press would still be in mass hysteria over it if it had. But on Wednesday, The Onion, now not so coincidentally 40 percent-owned by Univision, did exactly what I just described with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Merrick Garland, the person President Barack Obama nominated for the Supreme Court earlier in the day (HT Instapundit):


Here is the decidedly unfunny narrative present below the photo at The Onion's web site:

Defiant Mitch McConnell Holds Merrick Garland’s Severed Head Aloft In Front Of Capitol Building
‘We Meant What We Said,’ Says Blood-Covered Senate Leader

WASHINGTON—Declaring that the president had been warned about naming a justice during an election year, a defiant Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly held up the severed head of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland this afternoon while standing in front of the Capitol building. “We vowed that no nominees would be considered,” said McConnell, his suit reportedly splattered with blood as he flung the centrist appeals court judge’s bespectacled head aside and kicked it down the Capitol steps. “There shall be no hearing. Do not attempt to silence the voice of the American people.” Sources also confirmed that McConnell later wrapped Garland’s severed right hand in his judicial robes and mailed the package to potential nominee Sri Srinivasan.

It's a good thing Univision has a significant stake in The Onion to keeps its writers, photographers and photoshoppers in line. Besides, this is nothing compared to those crosshairs Sarah Palin's advocacy group put on a map to "target" Democrats for elective defeat six years ago. And anyway, everyone knows that Republicans are just as bad as Al Qaeda and ISIS. (All of those statments are sarcastic, folks.)

It doesn't seem advisable to provide a link to this ugliness, but for those who need to see that it's really there while risking helping the sick, smug, smarmy people at The Onion proud of themselves for the traffic they've generated, here it is. Maybe a reader who enters that swamp can let us know if the cretins involved ever apologize for this outrage or remove it. I don't expect either action.

At this point, those who react to this by saying that they don't want to hear another bleeping word about "civility" from the left — especially Univision, which has been brutally biased against the GOP's 2016 candidates virtually across the board from day one — hold a virtually ironclad position.

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Tom Blumer
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