Politico's Jose DelReal Calls Tasteless, Offensive 'BridgeGhazi' Hashtag 'A New Recipe' For 'Naming Scandals'

Leave it to the left to trivialize the deaths of a U.S. ambassador and other Americans and congratulate themselves on their cuteness while doing so.

Leave it to a Politico "fellow", who describes himself as a "reporter" at his LinkedIn profile, to try, along with his conscience-free employer, to promote the effort as a "a new recipe" for "naming scandals" (HT Twitchy):

Chris Christie's critics leap on #Bridgeghazi


On Wednesday, amid revelations of retaliatory motivations for the blocking of the George Washington Bridge, the traditional "-gate" formula for naming political scandals gave way to a new recipe with "Bridgeghazi" emerging as a popular hashtag.

Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed thinks "#BridgeGhazi is best hashtag on the Internet."

Twitchy's reax notes the usual media selectivity:

It’s beyond poor taste and the article neglects to even mention the smackdowns delivered to disrespectful tools using the hashtag.

Here are several of those smackdowns, including a few well-directed barbs at Politico and BuzzFeed:

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH U? Bridgeghazi hashtag is hurtful, insensitive to families of those killed in #benghazi! Grow up."

"Really? People want to disrespect the people we lost in Libya by calling this Christie fiasco #BridgeGhazi? That's low, real low #pathetic."

"You know, what's gonna be really tough for me is I have no desire to defend Christie. The media really is scum."

"#Bridgeghazi: @jdelreal Ha ha...my goodness. I laughed so hard I nearly forgot how many people were murdered in defense of #Benghazi."

"@jdelreal @politico will you also defend that grotesque "#BridgeGhazi" hashtag to Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty's Teammates, face to face?"

"@sunnyright @politico The Leftists see Benghazi as a minor political gaffe. The dead are expendable as merely political collateral damage."

"Tomorrow Buzzfeed will escalate to Bridge-o-caust."

I can think of one Obama scandal where a "-ghazi" hashtag would be more than appropriate: "#FastAndFuriousGhazi."

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Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.