Laura Ingraham's Question for Wendy Davis, and the Austin American Statesman's 'Dems Energized' Photo

After what Hot Air's AllahPundit correctly predicted would be a Sunday talk show "master class on pro-abortion media bias" (a related NewsBusters post is here), it's good to recall a question for Texas's Wendy Davis Laura Ingraham tweeted a few days ago. I can guarantee you none of the hosts at the Big 3 networks asked the question on-air.

Also after the jump, the ultraliberal Austin American-Statesman, in what appears to have been a classic moment in ideology-driven unawareness, published a front-page photo today of Smith and fellow Democrats "celebrating" her legislative filibuster of a Texas law which would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks and headlining how they are "energized."

First, Ingraham's tweet (HT Twitchy):


Certain leftist commenters at Ingraham's tweet are handling Ingraham's touchdown with predictable unsportmanlike conduct.

Now, to the Austin American-Statesman pic (HT Twitchy):


Note that the headline is "Davis' Abortion Stand Energizes Democrats."

The story's current headline at the Statesman's web site is "Senate abortion fight revives Democrats’ political hopes." What little text can be seen in the photo is the same.

I wonder when the headline changed? Maybe it was after pushback like this:



The photo above appears to be available only to subscribers, but there is a thumbnail of it in the search results for Davis's name.

Historical comparisons here are way too easy.

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Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer
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