Science-Challenged AP: Northeast 'Temps Near (and Above!) Boiling Point'

You can't make this up.

You might excuse the Associated Press for engaging in a bit of hyperbole in a Friday item headlined "Northeast braces for temps near boiling point." After all, it has been miserably hot in many parts of the country, including here in Greater Cincinnati.

But, as readers will see after the jump, the unbylined AP item's writer clearly doesn't understand the point at which water boils. Brace yourself (light-blue "highlighting" is mine; HT to an NB tipster):


Somehow, this over 100 degrees erroneous item has survived without removal or correction for three days.

No wonder the press is so frightened of the bogus scare known as global warming (or, a I prefer to refer to it, "globaloney"). They're afraid that if the temps go up just a couple of degrees, all the water on the earth will take flight into the atmosphere.

The self-described "Essential Global News Network" is in the best of hands. (/sarc).

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Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.