Foreign Golfers May Not Play in Ryder Cup Due to UK Taxes

ukmoneyThose who don't believe that high taxes on the rich don't influence economic activity or economic behavior, which of course includes many in the establishment press, are going to have a tough time explaining away this brief item that's being reported in the Associated Press:

Tour officials hampered by UK tax rules

European Tour officials are in talks with the British government over tax rules which they say could deter leading golfers from playing in the Ryder Cup in October.

Players competing in the match between Europe and the United States at Celtic Manor, Wales, could be seriously affected by new rules issued by the customs and revenue agency, which can now tax foreign sportsmen and women not just on prize money earned but on sponsorship and endorsements.

Mitchell Platts, the European Tour's director of public relations corporate affairs, said Tuesday the tax rule was "seriously hampering our efforts."

This is pretty obviously double taxation of the same income in both the home country and the UK. 

If they don't fix this by the London 2012 Olympics, there may be an unplanned return to what used to be known as the amateur ideal, as many of the world's Olympic-level athletes, particularly in sports like basketball and tennis, may decide to take a pass.

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