Cybill Shepherd Hates Sarah Palin, the 'American Catastrophe'

Entertainment Tonight reports actress Cybill Shepherd -- most recently of the Showtime lesbian drama The L Word -- finds the prospect of Vice President Palin "terrifying," and even inaccurately claims Palin's so opposed to women's rights that she opposes "the right to birth control." The actress was in New York for More magazine, the periodical for women over 40:

"Any respect I had left for McCain was completely gone when he chose Sarah Palin," she tells ET. "To subject our nation to being that close to having someone so obviously unqualified is terrifying..."

"She's absolutely against women's rights -- the right to choose, the right to end an unwanted pregnancy, the right to have birth control, the right to biological integrity; she's totally against it," explains Cybill. "We've just experienced a financial catastrophe in this country, we're still going through it, and having John McCain and Sarah Palin in office would be another American catastrophe."

Previously, at the premiere for the Robert De Niro Hollywood comedy 'What Just Happened,' Cybill also gave us an earful: "There's no way that she could ever make the grade. I'm sure she's a wonderful woman, but she's completely unqualified, and anybody with any sense knows that. And I think it's almost cruel to subject someone who's so totally unprepared to fulfill [the job]. It's one of the most frightening things that I could ever conceive of, is her being president."

Cybill is routinely terrified at the thought of conservatives taking power. From the vault of the old MRC newsletter Tv Etc. comes a quote from an issue of People magazine, August 27, 1990 to be  precise, in which Shepherd declared "I'm absolutely terrified."  The cause was the undetermined abortion position of Supreme Court nominee David Souter. Let's hope there's more cause for Cybill to be scared of conservative clout this time.

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