The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: November 3 to 9

So, Do You Like Bush or Not?

It's getting hard to exaggerate the left-wing rantings of MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. This week, he railed against the "criminal conspiracy to cover the ass" of the "fascist" Bush administration. It probably won't be long before he's dropping the F-word on-air. Olbermann also attacked the "nightmare presidency" of the current commander in chief and mocked Bush's "cynical exploitation" of 9/11. It's really a shame this guy won't have Rosie O'Donnell to follow him on MSNBC, huh?

She Likes Me!

Speaking of liberal MSNBC hosts (sorry for being redundant), Chris Matthews on Tuesday took credit for a line that Hillary Clinton recently used about leadership. Last week Mathews offered her some free advice and seemed pleased that she took it. "Well done," he enthused.

Two Liberal Thumps Up

This week, "Good Morning America" devoted 19 minutes of programing and three segments to Robert Redford's new anti-war drama "Lions For Lambs." Co-host Diane Sawyer, who enjoys journalistic attacks, from the left, preposterously admitted to being a "windsock" for the Bush administration's war plans. This is the same person who once questioned Howard Dean, pre-Iraq War, "Last night, do you feel the President began to level with the American people?" Sawyer also asked the film's director what it's "going to take" for the American people to start "waking up."

Bias in the A.M.

Be sure and check out the MRC's new study on the networks' early morning programs. It found that "Good Morning America," "Today" and the "Early Show" all devoted a disproportionate amount of coverage to the Democratic 2008 contenders and often ignored the GOP candidates. Shocking, right?

Sure About That, Andy?

Finally, proving that he still has really valuable things to say, "60 Minutes" anchor Andy Rooney bragged on his show that he's smarter than President Bush. He asserted, "I know I'm no where near smart enough to be President of the United States. But I will say I might have been smart enough not to get us into a war in Iraq." Considering that Rooney's topics usually have something to do with paperclips or broken alarm clocks, I'm not sure he should be crowing about superior intelligence.

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