AP Bemoans Palin Disinterest in Alaska, Cries 'She No Longer Delivered Bagels!'

Imagine if you will, immersing yourself in the rich tones of Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand, singing of a romance gone astray:

You don't bring me flowers, anymore...

Now imagine the same syrupy lamenting of the AP, singing of a tragic breakfast gone astray:

You don't bring them bagels, anymore...

Such is the song of the AP to one Sarah Palin, in which they accuse the Alaska Governor of being 'off the job for awhile already' by citing concrete evidence of her 'disengaged presence' with the following statement: 'Palin no longer delivered bagels to lawmakers.'

Come again?

Were Palin a Democrat, the aforementioned statement surely would have read: 'Palin responded to the economic crisis by slashing spending on all frivolous breakfast fare.'

The AP article also boasts the usual mixture of blatant bias and absurd assertions by quoting Democrat Representative Les Gara who says, 'This state has a lot of problems, and she showed a complete lack of interest in solving them.'

They flat-out accuse Palin of resigning simply as a means of 'cutting her losses.'

They state that she 'has become a polarizing figure and the focus of multiple ethics complaints.' Oddly enough, there is no mention of the fact that she has been cleared in all of these probes.

There is mention that 'she limited her access to the media.' Really? She limited access to media outlets such as the AP, who prefer to do hit pieces as opposed to honest journalism? What is she thinking?

Speaking of hit pieces, the article also references the Vanity Fair smear job which contained 'unnamed John McCain campaign aides questioning if Palin was ever really prepared for the Presidency.'

And of course, speaking of unnamed sources, we are also treated to the following reliable quote: 'One legislator quipped after her state of the state address in January that the only eye contact she made in the legislative chamber was with the television camera.'

Tucked away within the article is Republican Senator Gene Therriault's brief defense of Palin which essentially amounts to labeling the criticism as 'an unfair rap.'

That's one defense stacked against several negative comments and accusations, quotes from Democrats, mention of ethics complaints without mention of their dismissal, whining about media access and bagels, referencing of other hit pieces, and an unnamed source to boot.

Dear AP,

You don't bring us impartiality, anymore...

Photo Credit: AP

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