Hillary Coughing Fit Followed by JFK Health Problems on CNN

It was an amazing juxtaposition last night. The Democratic presidential debate ended with Hillary Clinton going into yet another of her many coughing fits which was immediately followed on CNN by their new series, "Race For The White House," in which the coverup of John F. Kennedy's health problems was prominently featured.

This coughing fit, along with her hoarse voice during the debate, has continued to fuel speculation on the real state of Hillary's health although we have been assured via much of the mainstream media that there are no real problems in that area. If such assurances sound vaguely familiar, it could be that something similar happend 56 years with John F. Kennedy ago during the presidential race as you can see in the following segment from CNN's "Race For The White House."

EVAN THOMAS: Kennedy had serious health problems. Addison's disease, he had a hormonal deficiency that could have killed him. In fact his father put medicine in safe deposit vaults all over the United States so that Kennedy would never run short. 

TIMOTHY NAFTALI: So what Johnson does is he makes it a campaign issue. 

LARRY SABATO: The Kennedy forces denied it vociferously and had doctors come out and say that he was above average in health and energy and vitality and he had never had so-called Addison's disease and they lied through their teeth. 

NARRATOR: Kennedy's illness is never mentioned again. It's a victory for JFK's team, if not for truth.

THOMAS: Had the American public known just how sick Jack Kennedy was he probably could not have been a presidential candidate.

So could another presidential campaign team also hide the truth about their candidate's health? Although the press back in 1960 acted as gatekeepers filtering out the truth about JFK's health today, thanks to the internet, we have many additional information sources besides the traditional MSM. One such source, Breitbart News, brings us this information via journalist and author Ed Klein:

To this day, Hillary still suffers from many of the troubling symptoms that I wrote about in Unlikeable: blinding headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, and a tremor in her hands. As a precaution against the spectacle of fainting in public, which could easily doom her candidacy, Hillary now travels with a personal physician on all her major campaign trips.

Tension headaches continue to plague her and often make it hard for her to maintain her grueling schedule. Her closest aide, Huma Abedin, confessed in an e-mail that Hillary is easily “confused”; Huma frequently orders campaign aides to alter Hillary’s schedule at the last moment so the candidate can catch her breath and take out time for naps.

And Hillary's coughing fit performance at the close of the debate last night only makes people continue to wonder about the true state of her health just as there were questions about Kennedy's health that were successfully squashed back in 1960.

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