'Moderate' Voice Fails to State Why Rick Perry Pushed for DA Removal

One should always put the "Moderate" in Moderate Voice in quotes. Why? Because they are a Liberal Voice masquerading as a "Moderate" Voice. It's a nice little shtick to hide their real agenda but sometimes they get a little too obvious in the attempt to hide  their inner Liberal.

A good example is the Moderate Voice story about Texas Governor Rick Perry getting indicted by a Travis County grand jury for "abusing" his power by pushing for the removal of that county's District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg. To read their story, you would have no idea why Perry was pushing for her to leave office other than wanting to remove a Democrat from office. However, to see the reason why Perry and many others wanted her out of the D.A. spot you need to watch her drunken antics (after the jump) when she was arrested for DUI last year. Something the "Moderate" Voice so very conveniently failed to mention.


Of course, not the slightest reference in the "Moderate" Voice story about why Lehmberg should be removed from office due to her drunken behavior including an attempt to get special treatment from the county sheriff:

The all hat and no cattle governor of Texas has been indicted by a Travis County grand jury on two felony counts stemming from his alleged attempt to use his veto powers to pressure an elected official — Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg — to step down by threatening to cut off $7.5 million in state funding for a public corruption unit in her office.

According to the New York Times, “Ms. Lehmberg is Austin’s top prosecutor and oversees a powerful public corruption unit that investigates state, local and federal officials; its work led to the 2005 indictment of a former Republican congressman, Tom DeLay, on charges of violating campaign finance laws.”

Yes, the "Moderate" Voice cited a New York Times article but oh so conveniently failed to quote this:

The long-simmering case has centered on Mr. Perry’s veto power as governor. His critics asserted that he used that power as leverage to try to get an elected official — Rosemary Lehmberg, the district attorney in Travis County — to step down after her arrest on a drunken-driving charge last year.

Despite the claims of the "Moderate" Voice, even Democrat activist David Axelrod thinks there is nothing much to the Perry indictment:


And the stated reason which is unstated by the "Moderate" Voice is that the Travis County District Attorney Rosemary "Spit Mask" Lehmberg hass proved herself completely unsuitable to hold that office.

More detail on Lehmberg comes from the Watchdog Wire:

As we continue the update on dysfunctional district attorneys and the damage they create, Rosemary Lehmberg comes up next. Where do you begin on this one?

Lehmberg was arrested on April 12 for drunk driving. Her Blood Alcohol Level was reportedly nearly three times the legal limit.

Shortly after her April arrest, Lehmberg entered a guilty plea to intoxication and an open container violation. She was then sentenced to 45 days in jail with her license suspended for 180 days. Credit for good behavior allowed Lehmberg’s release after serving half the time.

During the same timeframe, a petition was filed seeking the DA’s removal from office based on an obscure, rarely used Texas law allowing removal for intoxication “on or off duty caused by drinking an alcoholic beverage.” Calls for Lehmberg’s resignation came from other quarters as well. The Austin Police Association said she should step down as also did the Austin American-Statesman.

In June, Lehmberg entered into a political showdown with Gov. Rick Perry as the state’s top official made good on his threat of a line item veto of state funding for the district attorney’s Public Integrity Unit (PIU) when Lehmberg refused to resign in the wake of controversy surrounding her drunk driving arrest.

Finally, an exit question. Which law enforcement official appears to be more deranged? Chief Inspector Dreyfus or Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg?

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