Netroots Nation Serenades Elizabeth Warren With Campaign Song

The Daily Kos has come a long way since the days when  they merely rejoiced in being easily bribed at their YearlyKos conventions (now renamed Netroots Nation) by presidential aspirants such as Mark Warner who plied the Kossacks with free sushi and expensive liquor at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas in 2006. Yes, they have moved up in the world to the point where they perceive themselves as king, or rather queen, makers. Not only have they basically endorsed the presidential candidacy of Elizabeth Warren, they have even provided her with a campaign song, Run Liz Run.

Oddly enough, even though this campaign song takes note of Elizabeth Warren as a woman, there is no mention of her well known Cherokee heritage. Have they not noticed the prominent cheekbones beneath Liz's sky blue eyes? Not to worry, there is a parody Elizabeth Warren song which features that aspect of her background as we shall see but for now let us watch "Run Liz Run" right after the jump:

To make up for the obvious oversight of failure to mention Warren's Cherokee "heritage," I now present Cherokee Checkbox written by my DUmmie FUnnies co-conspirator, Charles Henrickson. So follow the bouncing ball and sing along to the tune of : Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian):

She took some small Cherokee ration
Put this on her information
"Native A," although it's slight
She checked the box even though she's white

Took a while till it was known
That Liz is Anglo to the bone
And all the claims she made before
Aren't Lizzie Warren's anymore

Cherokee Checkbox, Cherokee Pride
So proud you hold your cheekbones high

She took the whole Indian fable
Used it for her PC label
Though she's blond with eyes of blue
She's still a redskin through and through

Cherokee Checkbox, Cherokee Pride
So proud you hold your cheekbones high

But maybe someday when she's beat
Cherokee Checkbox will retreat
Will retreat
Will retreat
Will retreat
Will retreat

But what of the alleged inevitable "front-runner," Hillary Clinton? Will her moribund noncampaign rate a theme song? The good news is that there is already a ready made song for her, Still Alive, sung by "Perry Como" which perfectly captures the energy of her campaign that is not yet quite official:


Fortunately for Hillary she need not fear an Elizabeth Warren campaign because she has stated that she is not running for president. Got that, Hillary? Liz IS not running...por ahora.

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