Leftwing Blogosphere Dreams Up Bizarre Conspiracy Theories to Explain Away DC 9/12 Time Lapse Video

The leftwing blogosphere has been trying to convince themselves and others that the attendance at the 9/12 Washington, D.C. Tea Party was fairly small. However, there is one really big problem for them. How to explain away a highly inconvenient time lapse video from a camera showing massive numbers of Tea Party folks parading down Pennsylvania Avenue (video below the fold). The way they get around to explaining away what our lyin' eyes tell us on that video is to devise the most hilarious set of conspiracy theories you can imagine.

Why is flag in the video at half staff? How come it is suddenly at full staff? Why does a man appear and suddenly disappear in the video? The flag flap doesn't match the wind speed. Etc., etc., etc..

I could go on and on explaining their bizarre conspiracy theories but please allow your humble correspondent to present them in their own highly entertaining and comedic words which you can also see at the Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos. The DUers kick off the comedy show by presenting absurdly low numbers: 



I estimated an upper bound of 30K for yesterday's event. Probably more like 20K or 25K. UNfortunately, I have yet to see a definitive overhead shot when they rallied at the capitol steps, but there was some "overlooking" video, and you can see the trees and other landmarks where the crowd peters out.

And now comes an inconvenient truth from another DUer:

Time lapse video shows the numbers... And they were large.

And this is what set off a plethora of time lapse video conspiracy theories:

Can the source of that video be verified? I don't see any time/date stamp, and we've already seen some cases od RWers trying to pass off photos of old events (see elsewhere in this thread) as depicting Saturday's tea-bagger event. 

Problem with that is, when I got to the site yesterday that the cam does the live feed, the flag was at full staff ... now, it may be later afternoon, but when is a "govt worker" doing work on a Saturday, raising the flag from half-staff to full staff after a march? So the evidence is in question ...

If you are drinking any kind of liquid refreshment out there, I strongly urge you to put it down before you read the next DUer comment or risk drenching your computer monitor:

Time stamp. Does that say 12:56 p.m. PT (Pacific Time)? So that makes it, what, 9:56 a.m. Eastern Time, right? 

The next two DUers get a little too close to the truth for comfort:

There were definitely not 1.5 million people there. Best I can figure is it was closer to 1 million. However, I tell you this sincerely because I don't want my bretheren to underestimate the growing threat. 

I was on the Mall yesterday and at the Inauguration in January. I'd say no less than half a million yesterday. It was a little scary, to be honest. I had no idea emotions were running that deep. 

No less entertaining is the Kossack commentary:

Maybe it was the inauguration? 

Quit with this conspiracy nonsense. It makes us look ridiculous.

Gee! You think?

There is no legitimate reason for a Flag to have been at half-staff this morning, and in the vast majority of cases the flage would have been raised shortly after sunrise. It is, however you slice it, highly suspicious for that flag to be flying at half-staff. 

In the first photo you can see someone at the base of the flag pole... In the second photo the individual is gone. 

Perhaps I should explain to this Kossack the concept of time lapse photography? Naw! Ignorance is not only bliss but it often quite hilarious such as in this case.

Yep, it's half mast in the photo. But it's FULL MAST live. Right now, if you look at the feed. SHE'S LYING!

Yet another uncomfortable truth about to surface:

gotta say, they're a clean bunch. No trash left behind, spotless streets. Of course, that could be the result of UNION streetcleaners too.

Nope. It was the result of a clean crowd.

Where's that tiny white and red thing I think it looks like a flag that's in the Malkin photo but gone in the live shot.

Ah. The red and white flag conspiracy theory rears its ugly head.

I thought this was the reality based community... 

It looks like you thought wrong.

This morning live shot was a narrow street and I saw it too. This is not the same street.

The street switch conspiracy theory...

There's a guy standing at the pole...... I'll bet he's altering the flag level to invalidate the photo evidence.

Indict that man and force him to testify in court!

I will bet my house that there were nowhere near 2m in dc today.

A soon to be victim of homelessness speaks out.

Note the wind changed direction, too. It happens, of course, but very curious.

Case closed. That absolutely proves the time lapse video is a fake because of that very suspicious change of wind direction.

You can see a lot more of this time lapse video comedy entertainment at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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