MIA Randi Rhodes Slams Al Franken

It looks like we might finally have to put a picture of Randi Rhodes on milk cartons. Last April, your humble correspondent declared that such milk carton photos of Randi would be unnecessary because, despite being MIA since February when she left Nova M Radio, Premiere Radio Networks would begin broadcasting her show again in May. Well, a couple of months have gone by and, oddly, Randi seems to be even more hidden from public view than when she wasn't on the air. Even Google searches have proved fruitless. Yes, I know Randi is on the air (or so it is rumored) but her impact is somewhere between nil and none. If Randi has a publicity director, he/she must be doing worst job imaginable.

Therefore it seems like it is up to me to once again bring a little public notice to Randi. Why am I being so charitable to that leftwing talk show host? As I explained in April, it is because I feel something of a proprietary interest in Randi since Yours Truly played a part in launching her onto the national stage by prominently mentioning her in a movie review of "The Italian Job"  in 2003 when she was still stuck on a local radio station in West Palm Beach.

The good news for Randi Rhodes is that she is about to be thrust back into the news for her highly critical on-air comments about Al Franken who was an Air Amierica colleague of hers.  Ironically, those comments were made back in January before she left Nova M radio and fell into almost total obscurity followed by her even greater obscurity on Premiere Radio Networks. As relayed by the Radio Equalizer, here is what Randi said about Al Franken in January while the Minnesota senatorial vote was still being contested:

RHODES - 07 JANUARY 2009 - (8:12): Minnesota? Who the hell knows what’s going on there. First, it’s really kind of creepy. I gotta tell you you. Here’s your choices in Minnesota, worse or worst. Pick one.

You think I care, you’ve got worse and worst. That’s what you’ve got to choose from there. At one point for a really long time worse is 200 votes ahead. Then worst get 200 votes ahead.

Now you know they go we counted some much we get anymore we get like I can’t count anymore, certify something. Oh well we will certify, eeny meeny miney Franken. You should certify Tom Davis, he was the funny one. Seriously. You know I. So they certify Franken, I’m like holy crap, I can’t believe that. I cannot believe it.

RHODES (34:52): The reasons that I have for thinking he (Franken) will make a terrible Senator are really valid. I’ve kept them to myself. I’ve not put them on the air. I let the man run without the burden of what I know, which is all documentable and researchable and you can find it on the Internet. Never said a word. Left it to the voters in Minnesota to find out. Left it to Norm Coleman to expose it if he did some background operational research he could have found a lot of stuff. Didn’t bother to do it.

It’s Norm Coleman’s fault. I tell you that I think Norm Coleman is a horrible Senator. I think he’s a horn dog. I think he’s a womanizer. I think he’s a liar and I think he’s a terrible senator.

On the other hand, I’ve got plenty of reasons to believe that Al Franken is not going to be the type of honest senator, the kind of transparent operator that were were voting for. The kind of transparency and accountability that we voted for, he doesn’t fit that mold. I know some stuff. I choose not to put it on the air. 

Come on, Randi. Dish! Right now it seems like nobody is listening to your show. However, if you are frank about Franken on the radio, you will once again attain that notoriety that is now sadly missing. Choose to put it on the air. Tell us that "stuff" you know about Al Franken. We are all ears.

P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick is a freelance writer and creator of the DUmmie FUnnies blog.