Anderson Cooper: I Went to Studio 54 With Michael Jackson When I Was Ten

Admit it. Didn't your eyes start to glaze over last night after the first couple of hours of continuous coverage of Michael Jackson's death on the cable news channels? Gone were stories about today's vote on the Global Warming bill or the upcoming vote on a health care plan, whatever that may be. Even the Mark Sanford affair, much to the dismay of many in the leftwing blogosphere, was knocked off the airwaves.

After several hours of this non-stop coverage, even your intrepid reporter started to doze off...aided by copious quantities of wine. However, in the midst of this media buzz, there was one item that would make even the most jaded among you sit up and take notice. The oddly disturbing, yet strangely hilarious, confession by Anderson Cooper that he went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson when he was only ten years old. Here is the transcript from Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees of the conversation between Cooper and CNN anchor, Erica Hill:

ANDERSON COOPER: So much sadness today. We're going to have more on Farrah Fawcett later on tonight, Erica, and of course more on our breaking news on the death of Michael Jackson... Erica, I actually met Michael Jackson when I was a little kid.


COOPER: Yes. Actually, when I was 10. For some odd reason I went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson and a bunch of people. And I -- and I had no idea who he was. And I saw him dance, and I was like, "Oh, that guy's a really good dancer."

HILL: Did you dance?

COOPER: No, I didn't. I didn't dance.

HILL: Even then you wouldn't dance.

COOPER: Even then I wouldn't dance.

HILL: Even with Michael Jackson.

COOPER: Yes, but I remember...

HILL: I suppose Ellen should feel better.

COOPER: Why I was at Studio 54 at age 10 is a whole other story.

HILL: I think it might be.

COOPER: I know child welfare authorities probably want to talk to my mom.

HILL: I'll ask you about that one in the break.

Since Cooper's show has been doing terribly in the ratings, perhaps he can boost them by doing a special program devoted entirely to what he told Erica Hill during the break. I'm sure people would be curious to know how a ten year old kid was allowed to enter Studio 54 with Michael Jackson. And what was Anderson's mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) thinking? Yes, child welfare authorities, and most of the rest of the world, would like to know. Was it at Studio 54 where young Anderson learned his crude tea bagging jokes?

An Anderson Cooper 360 special about his Studio 54 visit with Michael Jackson would give his show its highest ratings ever. Perhaps they could call it Little Anderson... Happy At Last.  And Anderson, despite your denial that you danced at Studio 54,  perhaps you can let us know if you at least attempted to Moonwalk with Michael Jackson.

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