Susan Estrich Sounds Smitten With 'First Dude'

They say love conquers all and that might just be the case with Susan Estrich. The normally liberal columnist seems to be absolutely smitten with Todd Palin. Her recent column sounds more like a love note to him than a political analysis:

First Dude. That's what they call him in Alaska. It's OK. Todd's Ok. Whatever. He smiles at Greta Van Susteren. Not a touch of noblesse. More like plan old politesse. I always laugh a little when I see people who are very much not ordinary Americans in any respect (pay, fame, education or overall wealth, for starters) try to speak for them. "This is what ordinary Americans want," says someone whose only contact with them may be while his face is getting powdered for TV.

You can almost hear "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" playing in the background as Susan  continues to verbally ogle Todd:

There may be only one truly regular guy, a guy regular enough that he doesn't begin to have the arrogance to believe he speaks for anyone other than himself, in this race. And therefore, of course, he does.

Amazingly, Estrich even compares Democrat males unfavorably to Palin:

He is not fancy. He is not elite. He is not a single one of the things that Barack Obama has been criticized for. He is from a town even smaller than the one he grew up in. He was secure enough to marry a smart and ambitious girl, a girl he has always thought had great things in her.

A Beverly Hills dinner with 300 best friends at $2,850 apiece is not where you would ever place him, much less ever imagine him to be. The Democrat is the guy in Beverly Hills, as comfortable as he could be, even if he didn't grow up there. He has the pedigrees. So does his wife. So does his opponent, and his opponent's wife. So ultimately does a 36-year member of the Senate wherever he is from. It is the Republican guy who is real not rich, hard-working not fancy, so All Alaskan that he is in fact much more in touch with what he is, which is a whole lot easier for a very lot of the voters who are likely to decide this election.

And what of Barack Obama who used to have women such as Estrich swooning over him? Apparently he just doesn't measure up to her Todd:

Obama is in Beverly Hills, cavorting with Barbra Streisand not because he'd rather do that than snowmobiling, but because in fact he must. But the mere fact that he can is damning, not to mention time-consuming.

Estrich quickly returns to swoon mode:

First Dude sounds like the kind of guy many girls in this country aimed to marry, and some of them actually did, and even those who didn't (or aren't) think well of him anyway. He 's a regular guy in a posse of anything but.

Am I wrong here but does Susan Estrich not sound head over heels in love with Todd Palin? And how many other Democrat women out there feel the same way to the extent they they are also willing to put politics aside out of love for the First Dude?

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