Laurie David Continues Her Global Warming Chicken Little Act

Storms! Floods! Riots! Looting! Blackouts! These are all the things that Laurie David is back to warning us about in her latest Huffington Post blog, "This is the Face of Global Warming":

As severe storms and the resultant flooding continue to batter the Midwest with deadly results, the media is filled with scary stories of the destruction and misery being inflicted. We see headlines about 300,000 Chicagoans without power, state of emergency declarations across four other states, dozens killed by storms from Texas to Minnesota, flooded interstates, and thousands of flooded homes and businesses. It's now commonplace to see news footage of people being rescued off their rooftops, many saying goodbye to their homes for good.

Yeah, like we never saw footage of extreme climatic events before. Going way back, we can even read of weather catastrophes in the Bible. Ever hear of Noah and the Great Flood, Laurie? Or was that another example of Global Warming? Now Laurie David seems a bit upset that EVERY unusual weather event is not immediately ascribed to Global Warming:

But no news outlet has had the courage to state the obvious: This is the face of global warming. This is it. While no single weather event can be directly pinned to global warming, these are the predictions of the world's best scientist come to terrifying life. Scientists are certain that these deadly events will only become more common -- and more extreme -- as the earth continues to heat up. More intense rainfall, more extreme flooding, more crippled infrastructure and unsanitary conditions, more homes and businesses lost. More, more, more...

More, more, more... Cluck! Cluck! The sky is falling because not every news outlet is buying into Laurie David's Global Warming fantasy. Ms. David then takes which are weather events that have been happening for centuries and works herself into a Global Warming alarmist lather while simultaneously engaging in her obsession about Karl Rove:

These glimpses from storm-ravaged Middle America ought to be a wake-up call. How many more American lives must be lost and property destroyed for this administration to take action?

What will the next pictures look like? Blackouts? Looting? Riots?

Will it have to reach the level of Southeast Asia, where the worst floods in recent memory have affected an estimated 28 million people? In Bangladesh at least 678 are dead and over 50,000 are suffering from flood-related diseases -- millions more now find themselves homeless.

What's it going to take for this White House to act? I hope not that.

Karl Rove should do one last thing before he heads back to Texas to spend more time with his family, bailing out his own flooded basement: he should have the courage to demand that the administration face this problem and DO SOMETHING.

Yes, Laurie. I'll DO SOMETHING. I plan to watch again that hilarious South Park episode, Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow, which accurately satirizes Global Warming alarmists such as yourself.

P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick is a freelance writer and creator of the DUmmie FUnnies blog.