The Biz Flog: Episode 107: There's a Depression a-Comin'!

If you haven't gotten to check out the Business & Media Institute's new weekly video blog, The Biz Flog, this week's topic is the media's shift from reporting on "recession" to all-out "depression."

Complete with old-timey piano music and grainy film, this week BMI gives you our take on the many instances when reporters have compared the current economy to a time when soup lines and the Dust Bowl carried headlines.

The Business & Media Institute pointed out in The Balance Sheet that so far in 2008, the media have made the comparison to the Great Depression seven times, building on a theme that dates back at least into 2006.

The Biz Flog is named for the beating business often takes in the media and runs weekly in BMI's The Balance Sheet and as a channel on