Conservatives Should Hope CNN’s New Crossfire Succeeds

On Tuesday, I published an article gleefully applauding the poor ratings CNN’s new Crossfire received in its first week back on the air.

After some reflection, I realize such sentiments went counter to my goal of having a truly fair and balanced media.

It’s reflexive for us conservatives to hope that any new program on the left-leaning “most trusted name in news” would fail.

But should that be the case if CNN is offering viewers a program with two conservative hosts and two liberal hosts? Shouldn’t this be every conservative’s dream?

As I stated in my piece, I’m not thrilled about the liberals on the panel. What conservative wants to watch former Obama administration officials Stephanie Cutter and Van Jones echo White House talking points?

But maybe that’s irrelevant, for these two shills are paired opposite conservatives. With the exception of Fox, what news outlet does that?

For over 25 years we at the Media Research Center have advocated equal time for conservatives and conservative views.

Unlike so-called “liberal media watchdogs” that are actively trying to silence everything they don’t agree with, we don’t strive for exclusively right-leaning opinion. Besides the impossibility of that happening, we don’t think the public is properly served by one side’s views being overly-represented as it is now.

As such, CNN or any news organization offering readers/viewers a forum where conservative and liberal perspectives are being equally aired should be the goal of folks on both sides of the aisle.

That’s why we should all be thrilled that Crossfire has returned and hope that its success leads CNN and other media outlets to acknowledge the public’s desire for such impartial reporting leading them to offer more balanced material for their patrons.

That’s when liberal media bias thankfully goes the way of the Dodo.

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