Piers Morgan: Rush Limbaugh is ‘Too Old and Too Boring’

Piers Morgan normally gets around 500,000 people to watch his pathetic show on CNN.

Despite this, the man few Americans actually know by name had the nerve to say Wednesday that conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is “too old and too boring” to be a regular on CNN’s revival of Crossfire (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

After playing a clip from a 1990 Crossfire featuring Limbaugh, Morgan said:

PIERS MORGAN: From 1990 that's Crossfire with a younger Rush Limbaugh making his case as a guest. Tonight the great news is that he’s not back on Crossfire. He's too old and too boring.

Beyond Morgan WISHING he could have close to Limbaugh's audience and/or impact on the national dialogue - on Tuesday evening he actually came in fourth in his time slot behind Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, and - ahem - DR. DREW! - the pompous Brit must not have known that one of his guests and new co-hosts of Crossfire - Newt Gingrich - is 70, fully eight years older than Rush.

I doubt Morgan knew that. He's well-known on both sides of the Pond to speak without a clue of what he's talking about.

But Gingrich isn't the only CNNer that should be offended by Morgan's ageism.

Candy Crowley is 64.

Wolf Blitzer is 65.

Bill Schneider is 68.

Jack Cafferty is 70.

The man Morgan replaced and recently had on as a guest - Larry King - is 79.

What's that you're saying about too old and too boring, Piers?

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