Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon 'Slow Jam' Sexually-Charged Attacks on Republicans

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams joined Jimmy Fallon Monday in another "Slow Jam the News" segment on NBC's Late Night.

This time the subject was the fight over the debt ceiling with the target of course being Republicans who were repeatedly hit with sexually-charged attacks (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Hello, I'm Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News and host of NBC's Rock Center, and I too, would like to slow jam this news.

JIMMY FALLON, HOST: Hit me three times!

WILLIAMS: Less than a month after signing a fiscal cliff deal and narrowly averting a financial crisis, the Obama administration once again finds itself locking horns with Republicans over the issue of raising the debt ceiling- the amount of money the nation is legally allowed to borrow.

FALLON: Oh, yeah. [Laughter] When it comes to raising the debt ceiling, the President's having a hard time getting it up. [Laughter] Seems the GOP ain't rubbing him the right way, especially with the country $16.4 trillion in debt.

That's one. There were more:

TARIQ, ROOTS SINGER: So we're still in debt, but it's alright. The United States clearly couldn't get any broker. Got to liquidate its assets just like Al Roker.
[Laughter and applause]

WILLIAMS: While most Republicans oppose raising the debt ceiling, several have voiced dissension within GOP ranks, and Democrats are now hoping this will pressure their House leader, John Boehner, and soften his hardline stance.

FALLON: Mmm mmm mmm. Take it from my man Brilly Willy, ain't nothing worse than a soft Boehner. [Laughter, cheers, and applause] Ain't nothing worse, especially when it starts leaning a little to the left. [Laughter]

That's two.

FALLON: And it's going to take more than a magic pill like the trillion dollar coin to stimulate growth in the private sector.

TARIQ: All up in that sector our economy could really use a shot in the arm. It sounds like a job for Lance Armstrong. [Laughter, cheers and applause]

WILLIAMS: Now, for his part, President Obama has repeatedly said he will not negotiate with Republicans over this issue. He's made it clear he's willing to bypass Congress and increase the debt ceiling by executive order if necessary.

FALLON: You ain't lying, Honey Bri Bri. The president's got the bill in his hands. All it needs now is his John Hancock.

TARIQ: Whipping out his Hancock. [Laughter]

FALLON: Obama's got Republicans in a compromising position. And now, he's ready to push his package through Congress. Ah push it.

TARIQ: Push it good.

FALLON: Ah push it.

WILLIAMS: Push it real good! [Laughter, cheers and applause]

That's three.

WILLIAMS: Obama’s unwillingness to back down on this issue has left the GOP handcuffed, helped in no small way by the President's strong backing from prominent Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader [sic] Dick Durbin.

FALLON: Hey, hold on. Hold up. You gonna roll up in here talking about handcuffs and dicks? [Laughter]

WILLIAMS: How was third grade, Jimmy?

TARIQ: 50 shades of Brian Williams.

WILLIAMS: Members of Congress have a big job to do.

FALLON: It's time to come together and raise the roof!

TARIQ: Said the debt clock is rising, there ain't no denying, the deadline for action is on the horizon. And partisan bickering is spreading like the flu.

FALLON: And that is how we slow jam the news.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah.

Did I mention that Williams is the host of the NBC Nightly News?

Is this any way for the anchor of one of the nation's leading broadcast evening news programs to behave on national television?

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