Meat Loaf Endorses Romney at Campaign Rally in Ohio

Rock singer Meat Loaf endorsed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a campaign rally in Defiance, Ohio, Thursday.

After singing to the crowd estimated at 12,000, he spoke of his enthusiastic support for the former Massachusetts governor.

“I know there's one thing that you've been taught your whole life is that you never argue politics or religion with your friends. But 2012 is completely different," said Meat Loaf. "I have been arguing for Mitt Romney for a year.”

“I made three phone calls today to Democrats in California and I got two of them to switch to Romney," he continued. "So ‘two out of three ain't bad!’"

"So you get out there and you argue with your relatives, you argue with your neighbors, you get in fights over politics and religion because we need Ohio," Meat Loaf concluded. "God bless ya, we love ya, thank you, keep rocking and Mitt Romney!"

(HT NY Daily News)

Photo courtesty Getty Images

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
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