Andrew Sullivan: At Fox News You Get Rewarded and Promoted If You Say Something Bigoted

Andrew Sullivan on Friday said that if you say something bigoted on Fox News, you get rewarded, promoted, and celebrated.

As the topic of NPR's firing of Juan Williams was raised on the syndicated program "The Chris Matthews Show," Sullivan was far more critical of the cable news station than the radio network (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ANDREW SULLIVAN: You can't talk about all media companies. There are all media companies and then there’s Fox News. On Fox News, if you say something bigoted, you get rewarded, you get promoted, and you get celebrated. And that is a direct strategy. That's a media strategy. 

Unfortunately, host Chris Matthews opted not to play some of the bigoted statements made over the years by other NPR personalities that have gone totally unpunished thereby making Sullivan's point totally absurd.

If he needed some examples, he could have easily checked our archives.

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