WaPo ClimateGate Cartoon: 'Did Al Gore Invent Climate Change?'

The Washington Post Saturday published a syndicated cartoon that addressed the seriousness of the growing ClimateGate scandal while marvelously bashing Nobel Laureate Al Gore.

This came a day after associate editor Eugene Robinson said the e-mail messages obtained from the British Climate Research Unit damage the "consensus" concerning man's role in global warming.

Is the Post trying to tell us this scandal is far more significant than most American media are letting on?

Before you answer, consider the following hysterical question asked by cartoonist Lisa Benson in Saturday's opinion section -- "Sooo...Did Al Gore invent climate change?" (larger version below the fold, h/t Tim Graham):

Image removed for copyright reasons. Readers can view it here.


In one fell swoop, the Post not only validated the significance of this scandal, but also severely dissed the Global Warmingist-in-Chief.

I'm LOVIN' it!

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