Climate Progress's Romm Blames Tiger's US Open Loss on Global Warming

Climate Progress's Joe Romm believes global warming caused all the rain at last week's U.S. Open golf tournament, and because favorite Tiger Woods was in the first draw of players most impacted by the inclement weather, it cost him the victory.

In his latest exhibition of Global Warming Derangement Syndrome, Romm conveniently ignored how New York is currently experiencing one of its coldest Junes on record.

Alas, as we've seen from Romm and his ilk in the past, facts are often inconvenient truths to be summarily cast aside when they conflict with the agenda (h/t Climate Depot):

They called this year’s U.S. Open “Bathpage.”

And yes, Tiger Woods lost, even though I called him an “all-climate player” after he won “the brown British Open” at drought-stricken Royal Liverpool in 2006 and the “Hottest Major of All Time.” In fact, I had predicted “No doubt he’ll some day win the ‘wettest major of all time,’ too” — but a bad draw and bad putting thwarted him, as I’ll discuss at the end. [...]

I’m going to borrow and modify a term from the scientific literature and call this a “global-warming-type” deluge — see Must-have PPT: The “global-change-type drought” and the future of extreme weather.  After all, this type of extreme downpour is precisely what climate science projects would happen when you put more water vapor into the air.  And it is precisely what major peer-reviewed studies have shown the United States has been experiencing in the past few decades (see Why the “never seen before” Fargo flooding is just what you’d expect from global warming, as Obama warns): [sic]

Yes, but New York and the northeast are experiencing a very cold June. As Bloomberg reported days before the tournament started:

The average temperature from June 1 through yesterday was 65.2 degrees Fahrenheit (18.4 Celsius), or 4.1 degrees below normal, said Richard Castro, a student forecaster at the Upton office.

The coldest June in Central Park was in 1903, with an average temperature of 64.2 degrees, and the wettest was in 2003, with 10.27 inches of rain, Castro said.

This month is currently tied for the second-coldest, in 1881. Castro said that could change because there are still two weeks left before July.

“We stand a good chance to be in the top-10 coldest Junes,” Castro said by telephone.

On Thursday, Weather Underground reported (h/t Marc Sheppard):

Through June 24... the average monthly temperature is 66.1
degrees... 4.4 degrees below normal. [...]

So far... this June has been the fourth coldest June on record at
Central Park.

So, global warming is causing wetter, cooler summer conditions? If that's the case, how's all that ice going to melt to cause sea levels to rise and drown everyone living on the coasts?

Maybe more importantly, is this why the Orlando Magic surprisingly beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the month?

With all the things these alarmists claim are caused by global warming, it wouldn't be at all surprising.

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