Will Media Report Cold Spells This Summer or Only the Heatwaves?

Media have been falling all over themselves to report the recent heatwave in the East, but have been ignoring the cold spells happening in other parts of the country at virtually the same time.

For instance, did you know that the first week of June was the coldest in Seattle since 1891? Or that Aspen is actually re-opening this weekend to offer winter sports enthusiasts some rare June skiing in the area? Or how about the fact that unusually cold waters off of Nova Scotia are harming this year's lobster crop?

Aren't such unseasonal weather events just as newsworthy as heatwaves in summer? Or must they be ignored to fit the media's global warming template?

Assuming the latter, just to add some balance, let's first check in with the Seattle Times to see how Nobel Laureate Al Gore's bogeyman is impacting that part of the country (emphasis added in all subsequent articles):

Think it's cold? You have good reason.

Seattle just experienced the coldest first week of June, according to climate records dating to 1891, said Cliff Mass, University of Washington metrologist. Both 1999 and 2008 share the record, with 1917 falling in second place, he said. "Just wait until tomorrow," he said, when temperatures are going to be even colder.

A heavy snow warning has been issued for the Washington Cascades and Olympics as a storm from the Gulf of Alaska plows into the state tonight.

Didn't hear about Seattle's cold spell? Well, how about the one in Montana?

The Missoula Parks and Recreation Department has decided to close the Splash Montana Waterpark this week, because cold weather is forecast.

Or Nova Scotia?

Water temperature played a big part in the last minute scramble that closed the season with temperatures falling so low the lobsters were not crawling.

In order for the lobsters to crawl into a trap the water has to be at least over the 40-degree mark and Crouse said the spring season has hardly any times when the conditions are right.

“Our spring is just not viable,” he said. “Global warming is having the opposite effect for us and we are seeing the temperatures of the water stay lower for longer.”

And finally, June skiing in Colorado:

The Aspen Skiing Company said Monday that it will open up Aspen Mountain from June 13 to 15 for skiers and snowboarders.

The company says record winter snowfall has left the mountain covered with snow, leaving behind an average of more than 3 feet of snow on the upper slopes.

Are any of these weather-related events newsworthy? Or are temperatures only important to media when they validate the global warming myth?

*****Update: Shrimp season also delayed in Mississippi as a result of colder than normal Gulf temperatures (h/t NBer tater).

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.