Meet the 'Hippy-crites': Green Celebs Who Don't Practice What They Preach

For years, NewsBusters has been telling readers how much better the foreign press are at covering both sides of the global warming debate.

On Tuesday, Britain's Daily Mail published a perfect example of this maxim with a delicious piece about "hippy-crites": those pompous, holier-than-thou movie stars that go around the world advocating environmental causes and reducing one's carbon footprint while they themselves emit more carbon dioxide in a year than the average person will his entire life.

Here are a few of my favorites (h/t NBer Blonde, picture right courtesy Daily Telegraph, others courtesy Daily Mail):

Be sure to read the entire piece for more "hippy-crite" sightings.

While doing so, ask yourself why America's media won't en masse address this issue? Could it be that they'd have to expose the biggest "hippy-crite" of them all, none other than Nobel Laureate Al Gore:

Yeah, they couldn't do that.

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