Surge Success Charts Media Won't Dare Show You

As my colleague Brent Baker reported on February 15, of the three evening news programs offered by the major broadcast networks, only ABC's "World News" addressed the one year anniversary of the troop surge in Iraq, and did so by sharing with viewers how successful the strategy has been.

Yet, not all press members agree with ABC. In fact, some, like Michael Kinsley in Slate last Thursday, parrot the Democrat talking point "No, the surge is not a success" because troops aren't being aggressively withdrawn from the region.

With that in mind, what follows are two charts depicting events in Iraq that media members like Kinsley won't dare show American citizens:

(larger version available here)

Or, how about this one:

(larger version available here)

Think you'll be seeing such charts at a newspaper or television station near you any time soon?

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