Madison Wisconsin Breaks Snowfall Record, Will Media Notice?

If all the global warming alarmists are right, the world is about to come to an end because the planet's getting too darned hot.

So, why is it so darned cold?

As Johnny Carson would have expected from his audience, "How cold is it?"

Well, as reported by the Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin, has just broken an all-time record for the most snowfall in one year (emphasis added):

The record has been broken. Can we start spring now?

Madison should end up with about 3-4 inches of fluffy light snow today, which will push the seasonal total close to 79 inches, shattering the all-time snowfall record of 76.1 inches set in the winter of 1978-79.

"It's a record," said Weather Central meteorologist Brian Olson. "There's no official word yet since we have to wait for the snow to stop, but we have enough on the ground to say the seasonal snowfall record has been broken."

Of course, as NewBusters readers are fully aware, the extraordinarily cold winter of 2008 in the northern hemisphere was presaged by an extraordinarily cold winter last year in the southern hemisphere -- despite American media ignoring such.

Add it all up, and the global warming alarmists in the media that have nicely changed the tagline to "climate change" at some point are going to have to realize that the climate is indeed changing: IT'S GETTING COLDER!

Must be all that awful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!

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