Australia’s Liberal Party Bans Members from Al Gore Events

Warning: The following report is guaranteed to elicit uncontrollable bouts of laughter that could be hazardous to your computer if you are currently eating or drinking. Fair and final warning.

The Global Warmingist-in-Chief, Emmy award-winning schlockumentarist and fear monger Al Gore, is currently touring Australia to drum up climate change hysteria while certainly padding his wallet and emitting more carbon dioxide on the trip and during speeches than most people do in a year.

Yet, even more delicious, Australia's Liberal Party has banned all of its members from attending any of Gore's events.

I kid you not.

As reported by Live News Wednesday (emphasis added to hopefully enhance the comedic experience):

The Liberal Party has banned its state and federal parliamentarians from attending events starring former US vice-president Al Gore, celebrity agent Max Markson has alleged.


Gore spoke on the topic at a $1,000 a head lunch today in Sydney. He's scheduled to address a similar event in Melbourne on Friday.

Event organiser Markson says while he sent invitations to Liberals from the Prime Minister down, only one accepted and then promptly cancelled.

"There is absolutely an official boycott in place. We had one NSW Liberal MP [agree to come] and he had to ring back and apologise and say he wasn't allowed to come," says Markson.

For those experiencing confusion with their laughter, Liberals in Australia are different than here in America. Besides clearly having a better sense of humor, they are also to the right of center, as the current Prime Minister John Howard is a member of this Party.

Dontcha wish we had Liberals like that here?

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