New Climate Change-Friendly Dish Introduced Called ‘The Al Gore’

Better get all fluids away from your computer, because a pair of caterers in Australia have created a new climate change-friendly dish they call "The Al Gore" which is "an organic mix of chunked mutton and aromatic root vegetables."

Sounds delicious, dontcha think?

As humorously reported by Australia's The Age Tuesday (emphasis added throughout):

EVEN without the current climate change fervour, "The Al Gore" looks set to become a culinary curio when the latest expo juggernaut rolls into town next month.

The takeaway mutton dish - named after the former US vice-president - will be on the menu at the 2007 Organic Expo at Carlton's Royal Exhibition Building from September 7-9.

Honestly, it's very tough to continue typing. Please forgive any uncharacteristic errors that might crop up in the text:

Enter the The Al Gore. In a nod to the world's greenhouse woes, the dish is a concoction dreamed up by expo caterers Scott Kinnear and Gary Thomas. It's an organic mix of chunked mutton and aromatic root vegetables to be sold at the expo's humble kiosk near a life-sized cutout of climate change crusader, Al Gore, mouthing the words "conveniently good for you and the environment".

Somehow I don't think a picture of Al Gore is going to make people hungry. In fact, it might entice them to jog a couple of laps around the exhibition building. But I digress:

As an additional enticement for more serious greenies, Kinnear and Thomas say no ingredient will have travelled more than 100 kilometres from production to plate. The idea is to highlight carbon-emission damage to the environment from food that travels far from its source.


The meat for The Al Gore, for instance, will be sourced from the "real old-time" Lightwood Farm in Bullarto South, a respectably short distance south-east of Daylesford. It will be browned in unbleached white flour grown and milled by Powlett Hill Farm near Smeaton (to the purist, slightly more than 15 kilometres away).

Captain's Creek Farm, a family-owned operation at Blampied - in the central highlands, a stone's throw west of Daylesford - will be the source of the chardonnay for The Al Gore's braising liquor.


Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.