VIDEO: Bozell Slams NY Times, WaPo for Deputizing Readers to Comb Through Palin E-mails

"I've never seen the news media do this, and it is beyond reproachful for them to have done this," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell complained on the June 10 "Fox & Friends" regarding the New York Times and Washington Post calling for readers to volunteer to help them comb through the archive of Sarah Palin's official gubernatorial e-mail correspondence.

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"This is [the mainstream media] participating in a character assassination campaign" and shows "exactly how much the media despise Sarah Palin and to what ends they'll go to have her knocked out of this [presidential] race," the Media Research Center founder argued, adding that it was unimaginable that they'd go to the same lengths to vet a Democratic presidential candidate like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

Later in the segment, Bozell commented on CNN's Piers Morgan recently comparing the Tea Party to Hitler's Nazis and Mussolini's black shirts:

Fifty-eight percent of Americans identify themselves with the Tea Party. Way to go, CNN, now you know why you're in last place.

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