‘Hollywood is Running Scared of Radical Islam,’ Says MRC’s Dan Gainor

Dan Gainor, Vice-President of Business and Culture at the MRC, appeared on the May 7 broadcast of Fox News's "America Live" to discuss the double standard at Comedy Central when it comes to mocking religious figures.

Two weeks ago, Comedy Central banned "South Park" creators from mocking the prophet Mohammed because network executives didn't want to offend Muslim followers. This week, the network announced a new show, "JC," which according to the Hollywood Reporter, features Jesus Christ as a son "wanting to escape the shadow of his ‘powerful but apathetic father' and live a regular life in New York City."

Gainor told host Megyn Kelly that this newest program shows "how out of touch Comedy Central and Hollywood are" and that "Hollywood is running scared of radical Islam."

"They saw what happened when you run cartoons that are deemed to be mocking the prophet. You have global riots and death. You know, we keep dancing around this problem in America. You know, you look at repeated incidents of terrorism in this country come from radical islam," he continued. "So what Hollywood doing is self-censoring. They are cutting out Islam plot lines out of shows. They're you know,  hiding any controversy at all about Islam so it's safe to mock 80 percent of the population because no matter what the media has been telling us for literally years, Christians really aren't dangerous and they're not going to go out and hurt people."

Kelly noted the lack of violent reaction from Christians.

"Comedy Central feels it can get away with this because they know no death threats are going to be forthcoming from Christians," she said. "They might, they might write angry letters, they might change the channel, but no one will be threatening the creators of this show with murder if they go forward and make fun of Jesus Christ."

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