Bozell Commends CBS for Having Honesty, Guts to Air Video That Broadsides Media

CBS’s “Sunday Morning” yesterday aired a remarkable segment that broadsided the national media for refusing to give our nation’s fallen soldiers the attention they deserve. Martha Gillis offered an uninterrupted, 3-minute monologue sharing the pain of losing her nephew, 1st Lt. Brian Bradshaw, who was killed on June 25 by an IED in Afghanistan. Gillis faulted the media for its virtual non-coverage, which, as NewsBusters reported last  week, amounted to just 1/20th the broadcast network evening newscast airtime given to Michael Jackson's death.

In a statement released today, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell applauded CBS for the tribute (click here to view it online):

Congratulations to CBS News. This is nothing short of remarkably candid journalism. The raw emotion of 1st Lt. Bradshaw’s aunt Martha Gillis is heartbreaking.  It moves the audience to see undue suffering – caused by the media – for a family that has already been crushed by the death of one of their young.

To ignore the greatest sacrifice of those who risk everything to protect Americans and our freedoms is tragic in itself. But to replace it with overkill reporting of an icon like Michael Jackson is downright hurtful.

I commend CBS News for having the courage to air such honesty, and hope other networks take note of their editorial strength.  There are consequences to bad journalism and some bear greater consequences than others.  The media should have looked past the temptation of ratings to do what was right and honor our nation’s heroes.  CBS has now done that.

View the full press release here.

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