CNN Correspondent’s 'Raw' Attack on Fred Thompson and Giuliani

CNN congressional correspondent Joe Johns apparently couldn't resist inserting some sarcastic remarks about Republican presidential candidates Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani in his "Raw Politics" segment on Thursday night's "Anderson Cooper 360." [Video (1:46): Real (1.29 MB) Windows (1.09 MB) MP3 (806 kB).]

JOE JOHNS: Ever heard the phrase all about the Benjamins? In this town, when you want to monetize power, you go to K Street, lobbying, where top lobbyists make 500 bucks an hour or more. The problem is, you can end up lobbying for some politically awkward clients, like Fred Thompson did for an abortion-rights group, which takes some explaining in front of an anti-abortion audience. "The New York Times" and "Raw Politics" dug up his billing records. Mr. Conservative "Law & Order" got paid $5,000 for 20 hours of work. Heavy political baggage, a hand full of Benjamins. Hope it was worth it, Senator.

Speaking of law and order, we now know how Rudy Giuliani is going to try to lure Republicans in places like Iowa and South Carolina to vote for the ultimate fancy-pants New York City lawyer. He was even mayor of the city, for crying out loud. Rudy's new mantra, I am a strict constructionist, which is another way of saying conservative standard-bearers like Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito are Rudy's kind of guys.

But now get this. He says his position doesn't have anything to do with abortion or overturning Roe vs. Wade, which all three justices would probably like to do. Wait a minute. This doesn't belong in "Raw Politics." It should be in "Keeping Them Honest."

"Fancy-pants New York City lawyer"? Funny, I thought that was Mario Cuomo.

(Special thanks to MRC intern Joe Steigerwald for pointing out this segment.)

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Matthew Balan
Matthew Balan
Matthew Balan was a news analyst at Media Research Center