NBC Hides the Party Label of Democratic Mayor Arrested for Corruption

NBC was the only network to report on the Democratic mayor of Charlotte's arrest on Wednesday evening, but they left out his party affiliation.

Anchor Brian Williams reported that Mayor Patrick Cannon was "busted today by the FBI after a sting operation several years in the making" but ignored that he was a Democrat. This isn't the first time the networks have left out the Democratic party affiliation of a scandal-embroiled mayor.

For instance, back in July ABC and CBS wouldn't call San Diego Mayor Bob Filner a Democrat as he faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment. The networks ignored former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's Democratic affiliation as he was on trial and eventually convicted on 20 counts of corruption.

The networks have a history of ignoring the party label when reporting a Democrat's scandal, versus shedding light on a crooked Republican politician's party affiliation.

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