Schultz Guest Grayson: Gingrich Running Most 'Overtly Racist' Campaign Since George Wallace

Go ahead, call it shooting fish in a barrel.  As soon as Ed Schultz mentioned at the top of his MSNBC show this evening that Alan Grayson would be a guest, you knew the former Dem congressman from Florida would say something outrageous.

Sure enough, the guy who was roundly defeated last time around—but is giving it another go—delivered, claiming that Newt Gingrich is running "the most overtly racist campaign" since George Wallace.  Grayson also managed to work in a reference to the Ten Commandment's prohibition of adultery.  Video after the jump.

Watch in action the man who set a new standard for congressional buffoonery.  

ALAN GRAYSON: I think there's a sort of race between [Newt's] egomania and his racism.  And I think he's running the most overtly racist campaign that I've seen in this country since George Wallace. You're talking about presidential campaigns. So I think that, what he tries to do is to do these dog-whistle things to people he thinks he can connect with to make up for his shortcomings frankly as a human being. And I just can't believe people have so much disrespect for the Seventh Commandment that they would give him any serious consideration at all.

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