Luke Russert: Massa Will Support ObamaCare 'If He Sincerely Cares About Health Care'

I've been leery of Luke Russert ever since the NBC reporter said, during the presidential campaign, that students at the U. of Virginia are "leaning a little bit towards Obama" because "the smartest kids in the state go there."

On this evening's Ed Show, the son of the late MTP moderator gave additional reason to think that he leans "a little bit towards Obama" himself.  Speaking of the Dem congressman currently under ethics investigation in connection with an allegation that he sexually harassed a male staffer, Russert said that Eric Massa would change his vote and support ObamaCare "if he really was sincerely caring about health care."

For good measure, Schultz vouched for Massa's character, based largely on the liberal congressman's opposition to . . . Dick Cheney.

LUKE RUSSERT: Keep in mind he was a 'no' vote the first time around [NB: from the left; Massa is a single-payer fan].  A lot of Democrats have said though they think he would switch.  Now, especially, if he's going to retire, most likely he would do that if he really was sincerely caring about health care.

I suppose Russert might argue that he was simply describing how Dems feel, not expressing his own opinion.  That's not how it comes across to me.  View the video and judge for yourself. 

Ed then weighed in to vouch for Massa.

ED SCHULTZ: I just want to point out tonight that Congressman Massa, who has been on this program numerous times, I find him to be of the highest character. He's been very critical of the former Bush administration officials, especially Dick Cheney.

Guess that's about all it takes for Schultz to consider someone "of the highest character."  Duly noted.  We'll see how it plays out for the salty sailor from my neck of the upstate NY woods.

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