Obama Only Bright Spot In Bummer Of A NYT Thanksgiving Article

It's a good thing Barack Obama was elected.  Otherwise, the nation's glum Thanksgiving mood might have been downright funereal.  At least, that's the impression the New York Times gives in its decidedly downbeat article about the holiday.

"In Lean Times, Comfort in a Bountiful Meal" tells the story of people from coast to coast virtually weeping into their turkey and cranberry sauce.  Whether it's a Los Angeles illustrator whose work has fallen 50%, a youngish Ohio husband and wife who've both lost their jobs, or even an equities trader on the Upper West Side who can't bear to open his personal investment statements, the prevailing mood is blue.

With one bright exception: at least we have Obama.

Reports the Times: "in Democratic homes, joy at Barack Obama’s election victory helped lift foul moods."  We're also informed that: "in a Las Vegas suburb, at a yearly gathering of about a dozen gay and lesbian friends at the home of Sigrid Brunel and Argentina Kapp, the mood was far cheerier than last year, when anxiety about the coming election and anger about the war in Iraq clouded much of the discussion." 

Funny, the Times didn't find any Republicans whose Thanksgiving was made less joyous by the election of Obama.  And someone please check the archives for that NYT article from Thanksgiving 1980, reporting on Americans huddled around their Jimmy Carter Misery Index turkey giving thanks for the election of Ronald Reagan.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.